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soil, soil
i did it. i passed math 90 with a b. its on to chemistry this summer and next fall i will face precalculus, physics and chemistry 2. that should be fun. but i finally feel like i can do this. and i'm ready to apply myself.

i'm in therapy, but i feel like its doing nothing but make me think more about the bad parts of my life. its honestly more depressing then just blocking the bad thoughts and faking happiness throughout my day. and all i've learned is that i have post-anxiety which is a really high level of anxiety. great. so now all i think about is my anxiety and depressing problems. great. idk. well see, i could be wrong about it. therapy might work. we'll see.

i told my mom to leave me alone.
i told my sister that we should talk more and that i need her.
i told my dad that i love him and none of this is his fault, and what he does for me means everything.
i've reconnected with old friends, and it feels good to have their support.
so why do i feel like the soil i walk on.


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