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Closer to Closure

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it irks me
were a label, and thats your past, but your past is announced like its still existing. one reason for that. it is. i dont know how to go public with this and i dont know if your as confident as you seem. but this is wrong, and everybody knows it, so were not aloud to brag. i hate this so much, but it doesnt stem abroad of my love for you. i will make you mine, in ways that i cannot deny. and you know what. no train no car no plane can stop me from it. no person can doubt me for it. it isnt fair that your not on my level. you say you love me to, but how far will you go? not as far as i. i will do anything. i will leave everyone behind, i will change my name and postal code. literally. anything. this isnt fair, but fair is a fair where you go ride rides. and this is not a ride, its not a game. so why do you act like it is so?


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